Valerie Ramillon Biography

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My mother, Valerie Ramillon, was born in St-Julien, France, close to the Swiss border. She went to Catholic school as a child and went on to Boarding School at 14 in order to study languages. She developed a passion for the English language at a young age and decided to attend the University of Savoy, France so she could become an English teacher.

Savoy is a cultural region in the South East of France. She chose this University because it was a beautiful area close to her hometown. Her parents agreed to help pay for her apartment and other essentials like food and books/school supplies (University education is free in France). She has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Arts and went to Teaching School for 1 year. She ended up becoming a teacher but not to kids like she wanted to. Instead, she taught English to adults.
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She had to learn the history of England and the United States of America, phonetics, and throughout the year she had to study and write essays on three English or American classics, including Lord of the Flies, The Moonstone, The Great Gatsby, Passage to India and The Red Badge of Courage... however, Shakespeare was mandatory every year.
Outside of the classroom, my mom would go to parties, go hiking, go to the movies, theater, gym, and most importantly, STUDY. “I liked to meet people from all around the world on campus and at parties,” she said. My mom chose to learn English because it was her passion and she loved the language. Her first English teacher was from Oahu, Hawaii and she was fun. Her teaching methods were unconventional and made my mother want to become a teacher as well.
College was not fun”, my mom said “ studying was hard and competition intense, but if I could do it all over again, I definitely would. It was an amazing and enriching life changing experience
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