Validation Techniques for Data Entry Systems

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Validation Techniques It is important when working with data entry systems to have a solid method for keeping the entry of such data as reliable and true to the data itself as possible. Often times, there are issues for individuals when entering data based on the sheer amount or its complicated nature. In contemporary interface systems for data entry, this means having tests for validity that help reduce human error and keep the data as legitimate as possible when entered. Ten of such tests are discussed here in detail in terms of what they are and how they are handled within a data entry system. There are a wide variety of tests to be used in such instances. First to be discussed here is the class or composition testing. These are tests that make sure the data being entered is in the proper format and so ensures that it is valid for the purpose of being entered. Class helps sort data to ensure it's the right type. Then, combination tests can be conducted to check combinations of different data fields. When two types of data fields are cross checked with one another, the test can determine whether or not they are correlative with one another and make sense the way the data was entered. Secondly, there is another test known as value tests. In such testing methods, the data is checked to ensure that the values are appropriate for what is being entered. This means that it is compared to a set of standard values as a way to cross reference and ensure that the values are
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