Valiram Group (Luxury Venture)

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction: Company Background: External Analysis 3.1 Technological Factors: 3.2 Legal Factors: 3.3 Economic Factors: 3.4 Social Factor: 5 Force of Analysis 4.1 Threat of new entrants: 4.2 Threat of substitutes: 4.3 Suppliers: 4.4 Customers: 4.5 Intensity of rivalry: Internal Environment Analysis: SWOT Analysis: Recommendations: Conclusion: Reference List:  Title: Valiram Group (Luxury Venture) Introduction: My scope of this essay is to let you know more about this company. What they are doing and how they operate as a team. Company Background: The Valiram Group was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1935, originally specializing in the textile…show more content…
This can cause setbacks for suppliers in getting springtime or fall styles on time. This adverse advertising may affect a small outfits retailer' sales. Moreover, a business embargo against another organization's imports would power outfits merchants to find different providers. 3.3 Economic Factors: Financial factors can have both good and bad effects on the retail store industry. During economic growth times, people have more non-reusable earnings. Hence, they may buy more outfits, increasing sales for Retail Company. However, recessions have the other effect. Consequently, suppliers may be trapped with considerable amounts of stock. Issues such, as they cannot offer away the past season products and they may have to offer the outfits at considerably reduced prices. Customers often shop for less expensive manufacturers when they have less non-reusable earnings. 3.4 Social Factor: Community and lifestyle have an impact on what clients' value and what do clients think is well-known. When it comes to the retail store market, many aspects are important such as styles and buying power. Styles are never stand still, which causes suppliers of outfits to keep up with the bend. Example the age wide range of clients allows providers determine what kinds of products and services they should offer. Based on the age of clients, providers can decide and control what kind and how much inventory

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