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This memorandum presents a valuation of Telco Exchange (TX) and serves as a consultation for Valhalla Partners to consider its investment in TX. Art Mark’s Vote and Appropriate Valuation for Telco Exchange Art Marks should vote to make an investment in Telco Exchange because the company possesses many of the components which could make it a potential 67 million dollar company (from our valuation by DCF method using WACC -Appendix A). Telco has a product that solves large company high cost issues revolving around telecom equipment and telecom services (makes around $250,000 per software licensing deal). They have been profitable in 2002 and the potential to have a revenue of a 50 million annual revenue in four years time. They have…show more content…
If they did not vote to invest in Telco, would it not only result in time being wasted both for Telco and also Valhalla but could also result in letting go of a great investment opportunity. The Top Three Risks Facing Telco Exchange One of the major risks facing Telco is their CEO is 70 years old and his son being the CTO could give rise to a conflict of interest. Bryant Dunetz had agreed to step down and allow Valhalla to search for a new CEO. This could be a risky endeavor because Dunetz may either refuse to step down after negotiations or the new CEO may not be a good fit. The other two major risk factors is they do not have a strong executive management team and their competition in this market space is ramping up and soon they will not be the top solutions provider for large corporate telecom equipment and services. With Valhalla having only 25% of the voting rights in the company after the capital issue, they may not have the ability to force their way with the future management. Meanwhile the average time of determining success of a venture capital investment is 18 months. Replacing the entire management team and vetting that process out would take up a significant chunk of that time. Lastly, Valhalla does have to move quickly to get Telco the capital they need to gain as much market share as quickly as possible. The
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