Valley Winery Case Essay

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The Valley Winery-Case 1.1
Is the management of Valley Winery doing an acceptable job of hiring and training qualified employees?
Management is the foundation of a company. They are the ones that make decisions which could make or break a company. They personify how the company and employees should act. If one is driven towards perfection in sales, many other important areas of the business could be overlooked. For example, maintenance of long term relationships with buyers would be overlooked. If management is pushing the sales reps to just go after the sale at any cost, reps could be looked at as unethical and even too pushy. Valley Winery management encourages reps to lie
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According to the Sales and Marketing Management Journal, when sales managers are unclear about a job’s description, they have no way to measure their sales representatives’ accurate performance or create a benchmark to keep them motivated.
Valley Winery sales representatives and management have been considered overly aggressive and resort to unethical tactics. For example, Valley Winery representatives have been rumored to spray hairspray on competitors wine bottles. This act causes the competitors’ products to collect dust creating an unattractive option for consumers. Many other unethical tactics are used to ruin competing displays and in some cases even destroying competitors’ products. By tolerating this behavior, management is encouraging these unethical acts. Management leads by example. Unattainable sales quotas have led to dishonest reporting of sales. The inflation of sales figures is an accepted practice by the division’s previous sales manager and the current area manager. Management should uphold a code of ethics and apply that code if they expect their sale representatives to do the same.
Valley Winery can correct current problems by implementing new practices. A place to begin change is the hiring process. By hiring based more on qualifications and less on physical attributes and youth, Valley Winery will be able to retain employees. Long term

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