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Valmiki’s real name was Ratnakara. He was the son of Prachetasa, a sage. by profession. Before this Valmiki was a robber Later with the teachings of Maharshi

Narada he became a Rushi.

What is Valmiki - Valmika in Devanagari means “ant- hill”
Once when he was a very young boy, he had gone to the forest playing and was lost in the forest. His parents An searched for him but could not trace him. They thought that the boy has been eaten by some wild animals. hunter and his wife took the child and brought up the child as if their child. He was taught of the hunting and he learnt it fully. children also. Later, the boy grew young and he He got When Ratnakara’s family grew with the he felt it uneasy to maintain his
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bird couple. He was pleased to see the happy Suddenly the male bird fell from the sky

after being hit by an arrow and was wounded.


spouce bird was screaming in agony. Then he realized that the bird was hitten by a hunter. Valmiki’s heart was felt with pity. following shloka, maa nishada pratistham tvamagamahsāsvatI: samaa: yat kraunchamithunaadekam avadhI: kaamamohitam This is the first shloka of Ramayana. It is regarded as the first shloka among all the puraanaas. He is regarded as the first Kavi or poet, i.e., “Aadi Kavi”. Ramayana is also titled as the first Kavya. Meanwhile Brahmadeva, came and told him to write Ramayana with whatever story he has listen from Narada Suddenly came out from his lips, the



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Maharshi. He also blessed him to see whatever has happened in the past and whatever he writes will be true. Valmiki brought up the children of Sri Ramachandra – Lava and Kusha. Why? Once after Sri Ramachandra killed Ravana-Kumbakarna and brought back Seeta Devi, was ruling Ayodhya peacefully. But he heard a citizen of Ayodhya, telling that “Ramachandra had brought back Seetadevi, who was imprisoned by Ravana. Sri Ramachandra was wrong in bringing back her”. On hearing this
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