Valpak : The Transformation That Took Place At Valpak?

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Valpak Case Study 1. What was the transformation that took place at Valpak? The transformation that took place at Valpak was to transition the entire IT organization to Agile/Kanban processes with 2-week sprint delivery cycles, heading toward “The Agile Enterprise”. 2. What types of Agile methodologies were used at Valpak? Agile Scrum-Kanban methodology was used at Valpak for this transition. 3. What is an "Architectural epic"? Architecture epics are large, typically cross-cutting technology initiatives that are necessary to evolve portfolio solutions to support current and future business needs. There are various states of maturity in the Kanban system that the architectural epics can be processed through until they are flushed or are…show more content…
3. Continued Support Each and Every Day Where Agile has failed with other companies it seems that it was done with a big one-time kick-off without continued support. 4. Senior Management Engagement/Business Ownership Getting Valpak’s senior management engaged and committed to the effort was a significant factor in the success of the effort. 8. What were the results and conclusions from the Valpak implementation of SAFe? 1. More Strategic Management Focus The Agile development process using empowered, self-organizing teams has enabled a major shift in the Valpak management approach. 2. Management of IT Resources The shift to more empowered, self-organizing teams has also made the management of IT resources much easier. 3. Time-to-Market Valpak releases software to production at the end of every sprint. Time-to-market was significantly improved as a result of shorter iterations. With 2-week sprint cycles, new/enhanced software was available more quickly than ever before to stakeholders including internal, franchises, merchants, and consumers. 4. Alignment and Collaboration Alignment and collaboration between business and IT was increased as a result of a highly visible process. Product Owners became truly accountable for their products and teams and the “us-versus-them” mentality quickly disappeared. 5. Employee Productivity and Morale Productivity and morale among the teams improved as a

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