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A Study of the Impact of Values and Lifestyles (VALS) on Brand Loyalty with Special Reference to English Newspapers*
C.Anandan1, M.Prasanna Mohanraj 2 & S.Madhu3
Abstract Indian Newspaper Industry is witnessing high growth, despite the rise of the Internet and of telecommunications as viable sources of information. Earlier all the newspapers thought that the opportunity for them was within their own geographical area. But, in coming years publishers will be spending over Rs.1000 crores to invade into other’s territories. Unless the publishers recognize the preferences of readers, it would be unlikely that they would succeed in winning the hearts of the customers. This research makes an attempt to recognize the preferences and segment the
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VALS uses psychology to analyze the dynamics underlying consumer preferences and choices. VALS not only distinguishes differences in motivation, it also captures the psychological and material constraints on consumer behaviour (Cyber Media Research). For many years, demographics have governed how communicators target campaigns. The problem is that even though individuals in a specific demographic category share some common characteristic, such as, age, sex or income, the psychographics of these group like values, motivations and beliefs are not homogeneous. When attitudes, motivations, personality characteristics and belief systems are analysed mathematically or statistically to determine groups with substantially different attitudes, the result is a psychographic segmentation. There are multiple motivations for a behaviour, and people in a specific demographic category have a wide range of attitudes. Using psychographics can help communicators improve the quality and accountability of their campaigns by zeroing in on the most receptive audience for their message. At a time when communication overload is common among all audiences, communicators must send relevant messages to those who are most receptive.

Anandan et al, A Study on The Impact of ...


Morgan and Doran (2003) argue that psychographic segmentation, if used to design and implement a communication strategy, can result in more effective and efficient campaigns, and change the communicator
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