Valuation Allowance

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05-5 There are two basic principles related to accounting for income taxes, each of which considers uncertainty through the application of recognition and measurement criteria: * a. To recognize the estimated taxes payable or refundable on tax returns for the current year as a tax liability or asset * b. To recognize a deferred tax liability or asset for the estimated future tax effects attributable to temporary differences and carryforwards. 45-5 The valuation allowance for a particular tax jurisdiction shall be allocated between current and noncurrent deferred tax assets for that tax jurisdiction on a pro rata basis. 30-22 Examples (not prerequisites) of positive evidence that might support a conclusion that…show more content…
SUBMIT FEEDBACK SUBMIT ANNOTATION 25-12 Paragraph 740-10-30-18 identifies four sources of taxable income to be considered in determining the need for and amount of a valuation allowance for those and other deferred tax assets. One source is future reversals of temporary differences. 30-7 The tax effect of a valuation allowance expected to be necessary for a deferred tax asset at the end of the year for originating deductible temporary differences and carryforwards during the year shall be included in the effective tax rate. > > > Recognition of Deferred Tax Assets and Deferred Tax Liabilities 55-7 Subject to certain specific exceptions identified in paragraph 740-10-25-3, a deferred tax liability is recognized for all taxable temporary differences, and a deferred tax asset is recognized for all deductible temporary differences and operating loss and tax creditcarryforwards. A valuation allowance is recognized if it is more likely than not that some portion or all of the deferred tax asset will not be realized. See Example 12 (paragraph 740-10-55-120) for an illustration of this guidance. SUBMIT FEEDBACK SUBMIT ANNOTATION 55-8 To the extent that evidence about one or more sources of taxable income is sufficient to eliminate any need for a valuation allowance, other sources need not be considered. Detailed forecasts, projections, or other types of analyses are unnecessary if expected future

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