Value Alignment

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Value Alignment One company recognized worldwide for its family oriented services and performances is The Disney Company. The values instilled by The Disney Company (Disney) are one of the biggest contributers to its success. The following will discuss the origins and subsequent evolution of personal and workplace values and will explain how the individual values drive the actions and behaviors. The paper will also analyze the alignment between persoanl values and actions and behaviors as well as the degree of alignment between Disney’s stated values and its actual plans and actions. Finally the paper will explain and analyze the degree of alignment between personal values and the values of Disney as reflected by its plans and actions.…show more content…
There is an obvious cycle to their business because kids today will be adults tomorrow with kids of their own. Without the proper oversight the current generation of consumers will be affected which will subsequently effect a future generation based on how they view the company.
Disney’s Standard of Business Conduct highlights the organizations values which are displayed within their business. The president for Disney says that they “have earned the trust of guests, audiences, consumers and shareholders because of our commitment to high standards in everything we do, everywhere we operate” ("Standards of business," 2012). The areas within the Standard of Business conduct are integrity, honesty, trust, respect, playing by the rules, and teamwork. These areas are practiced within the organization toward the public and employees because they want to be as a family friendly organization.
Degree of Alignment between Disney’s Stated Values and Plans and Actions In 1928, Walt Disney created The Walt Disney Company, along with its values. The created values still play a signifficant role in Disneys mission as well as vision today are innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency. The actions that Disney has taken over the years in the entertainment industry show that Disney aligns with its values. SInce being created in 1928 Disney
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