Value Chain Analysis And Analysis Essay

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Value Chain Analysis
Another point of view is to take a look at the value chain analysis which helps to identify the most valuable activities of a firm. Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, & Bamford (2014). In the case of Electrolux, it would appear that they provide considerable value to the appliance market however; the struggle (as previously mentioned) has been breaking into emerging markets in this case, China. With considerable middle class growth in China, the standard of living is rising exponentially; therefore, a large number of new households will be able to invest in appliances and other household products. The second point in the value chain analysis begs the question of rarity or more succinctly, can resources be acquired by one or limited organizations. Resources which are rare and valuable can provide a temporary competitive advantage. Conversely, when more than a few companies posses the same resource or utilize the same capability, this can lead to competitive parity. Wheelen et al (2014) Therefore, one must ask several questions in order to find rare resources. For example; how many companies own a resource or can perform capability in the same way as Electrolux? And, can a resource be easily bought in the market by rival companies? In the case of Electrolux the rareness component is nonexistent because other companies e.g., LG Electronics, Whirlpool and Haier already have a stronghold in the global market with similar products. Furthermore, China has been known to
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