Value Chain Analysis of Bangladesh Ice-Cream Industry

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Swakat Kamal Senior Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University

29th July, 2010


Transmittal Message
July 29, 2010 Mr. Shawkat Kamal Course Instructor, MGT- 401, Business Strategy Section: 1.

Subject: Submission of Term Paper

Dear Sir, With great pleasure we are submitting our ‘Business Strategy’ report on “Polar Ice Cream”. It is the popular brand of the company Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited (DIIL), which you have assigned to us as an important
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To ensure sales to gain profit Polar apply efficient and effective marketing effort directing to target market which is the young group and considering their media habit. Polar is serving in the ice cream industry where business is much focused and a few big companies are doing business as their rival. The main competitor of Polar is Igloo brand ice cream of Abdul Monem Ltd. Brand name of Polar is the main survival advantage of Polar in the industry. Beside that their main strength is the strong distribution channel which adds value to their products and also strong competitive advantage over rival. Now Polar is trying to give more challenges to Igloo to take the position market leader by their strategic activities in the product and distribution area. Polar is incessantly launching new products to the market with effective marketing activities and they have modified their logo very recently. In the distribution process they are more focusing on the betterment of the distributors and retailers than themselves by giving them incentives. If we try to focus on the threats from the external environment the intense competition and high market share of Igloo can led Polar to loose their market share. To stay in the business strong and fulfill their target they have to consider some business area and change them for betterment of the business.




This report contains the current value chain

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