Value Chain for McKesson Provider Technologies (MPT)

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Value Chain for McKesson Provider Technologies (MPT)
The value chain is made up of the input of information or materials flowing down to the output of the final product that is used by the consumers. MPT is a manufacturer of capital equipment and information systems in the Healthcare industry that is focused on reducing costs while also adding value to consumers in the industry. MPT markets to IDMs, hospitals, physician practices, home healthcare providers, retail pharmacies, and payors in the healthcare industry. The inbound logistics at MPT consists of the research and development of computer technology and installation methods to information processing needs of our consumers. Information must be gathered on the needs of consumers
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This move was definitely the best career move that I have ever made. We get to interact with customers and employees of the organization on many levels in order to ensure customer satisfaction with our billings, processing of amendments/credits in a timely manner, business unit awareness of customer disputes, or just to create a positive perception to our customers. In this department we use SAP, Lotus Notes, Business Warehouse, and other smaller applications for financial analysis, knowledge sharing, reporting, customer reporting, and process flows.

Five Competitive Forces at MPT

Advantages/Disadvantages because of information systems/technology ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES
Threat of New Entrants • Capital cost involved with complex accounting system • Internet based businesses
Bargaining Power of Suppliers • SAP has a supplier logistics portal to analyze different supplier relationships • Some supplier integration into our purchasing system – locked in
• Connectivity for some customers thru 3rd party
Bargaining Power of Buyers • CRM system – Lotus Notes and within SAP
• Customer portals within MckNet that

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