Value Clarification Report

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Values Clarification Exercise #1
My 10 values:

1. I believe that these values do accurately reflect what is of greatest importance to me. There are alternate values that perhaps could have landed on this list, but these values ring true to me and are an accurate portrayal of that which I hold dear to me and use as guidance within my life decisions. 2. The most difficult values to discard were forgiveness, loving, and nurturing. I had an arduous time ranking items such as God’s will and friendship. My predicament with God’s will was my ruling on whether it was legitimately ‘very important’ to me, or whether I simply knew that it should be. It’s
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Based on my week, I spend the bulk of my time on school associated activities. This was not a surprise to me, what I was surprised by was the small amounts of time that I devote to my religion. Although I attend seminary, read my scriptures, and pray everyday, the accumulative time of all on these activities adds to just over an hour a day. I am quite aware of how I spend my time, it is very unusual for me to lay around and waste time of useless tasks.

2. Based on my week, I can only largely identify two main values from exercise #1: knowledge and service. This makes sense because I spend 32 hours sitting in class a week. This doesn’t include time spent on homework or other corresponding activities. Something that did not make too large of an appearance was my spirituality. I will admit that my scripture studies and other related activities were extremely diminished this week. But it is to be expected that my religion isn’t quite as evident within my daily schedule because it isn’t practical to spend over 4 hours a day reading scriptures, there simply isn’t enough time. True spirituality is seen through more subtle actions than in extravagant activities that draw large amounts of attention. With this considered, I do still need to increase the amount of time I spend improving my
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