Value Driven Marketing at Aveda

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I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to conduct a critical analysis and evaluation of the market value drivers which in this paper will refer to Aveda Corporation operating in personal care industry. The author will examine both marketing operations and strategic approach perspective to create customer value through differential advantage from comparable offerings in the same market. After comprehensive evaluation, the paper will determine opportunities and draw appropriate recommendations via Value-Driven Marketing approach for future development of the organisation in order to sustain competitive advantage within the industry. 1.2 Industry Context According to Euromonitor latest research, the…show more content…
4. Benefits The product is the outcome of sustainable, green approach, taking care of the nature while sourcing high quality product, sample giving, next day delivery if product purchased online, exchanges, refunds even the product was used Exhibit 1. Adapted from Greener Consulting 2003-2011. 3.3 Product Positioning Fahy and Jobber (2012) have stated that product positioning on the market can bring either complete success or failure. Positioning is a challenge that faces an organisation (Kotler & Keller, 2009). However, Aveda has effectively positioned its products to the consumers seeking high quality, natural, organic and healthy products in personal care, as well as those who are concerned about environmental impacts of the industry. Jobber (2007) therefore, pointed that successful positioning strategy ensures consistency, competitiveness and credibility which leads to effective value creation. Linking this statement with Aveda, it can be determined that the firm has demonstrated these attributes from the core of its business model, which most importantly enable differentiate company from the competitors. 3.4 Target Market B2B - The target market for Aveda are mostly beauty salons, hairdressers and spas which have to be exclusively supplied. This exclusivity means that B2B customer must be committed to sell only Aveda's plant-based products. This strategy enables company to effectively reach
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