Value Faith In Success Research Paper

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6. Value Faith In Success

When you don't have faith in success, you are hopeless and unhappy. You don't it's worth transforming because there is a very good chance that it's all going to fail anyways. Why bother transforming when you feel like that? And, how would you find the energy to transform when you feel like that?

Transformation requires faith. You wouldn't go after anything you want in life if you didn't have some sort of faith that you could achieve it. Faith helps kick-start your transformation and keeps you motivated along the way. It helps you make the best choices possible and keeps your spirits high. When you value faith in success, you will find that it will be a natural part of your life.

7. Value Self-Worth

If you don't believe in yourself, then who
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Value Your Truth

Valuing my truth has led me to the biggest transformation of my life. When I decided to stop living other people's truths and get honest with myself, I was able to make the choices I needed to about where I wanted my life to go and what I really wanted to do for happiness. I stopped working at mediocre jobs. I started doing what I loved. I dropped bad habits and took on better ones. And, I stopped committing myself to obligations that didn't resonate with me, even little ones.

For instance, I hate horror movies. I think they are useless and I end up thinking about them in a negative tone for weeks and sometimes months afterward. But, I wanted to fit in, and because everyone else thought they were cool, I watched them and suffered through them. Then, one day I decided to value my truth. I chose to stop watching them. Years later, I can see how valuable that small choice was. I no longer spend my time worried about ridiculous things that happen in horror movies, and I no longer waste my precious time sitting down and watching them. I have literally gained a ton of hours (probably more like months when you add it up) to do things that helped me become who I want to
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