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When you’re a patient at the hospital, your time there is infinitely more comfortable when you receive optimal care from the nursing staff. If it’s your loved one who’s a patient, you want to make sure they receive thoughtful, compassionate help when they need it. At Rusk County Memorial Hospital & Clinic at Riverside in Ladysmith, WI, the focus is solely on your health, comfort, and well-being.

There’s something to be said for the bond between patient and nurse. Nurses, after all, are the ones who pop into the room more frequently than any other staff members. They provide medication, of course, but more than that, they bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to what can otherwise be a very scary, nerve-wracking experience.

The best nurses do what they do out of sheer love for the profession. At Rusk County Memorial Hospital & Clinic at Riverside, patients are treated with dignity and respect. Whether it’s someone who has been injured and is receiving physical therapy or the family member of a loved one who is in urgent care, the nurses extend the same giving, supportive hand to everyone.
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At the very least, showing your appreciation goes a long way. Hospitals are often short staffed, and it can be very rewarding for a nurse to learn all of their hard work does not go unnoticed. Whether it’s a simple but genuine “thank you,” a gratitude card, or baked goods, there are small, effortless ways to express how grateful you are for their attention and care.

At Rusk County Memorial Hospital & Clinic at Riverside, you can count on everyone from your nurses to your primary care physician to provide attentive service. You’ll always receive nothing but the very best care, and you can expect anyone on the hospital staff to answer your questions honestly. For more information on their services, visit the hospital website, or give them a call at (715)
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