Value Proposition : Company 's Product And Service Essay

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Value Proposition
What values will the company’s product and service bring to the customer, and what benefit will the customer receive? Don’t explain what the technology is all about, but what measurable benefit the customer will get from using your product or service. Things like greater revenue opportunity, a competitive advantage, reduced cost and expense, and new offering that expands current revenue should be discussed here.
Our zinc peptide technology has proven to be vital to the wound care industry and is gaining fast acceptance in the high end skin and hair care markets. Distribution agreements give the products international market penetration. NewAge BIOTECH’s medical and corporate customers enjoy the benefit of years of research and development in proven formulations enhancing their offerings to the end users. End users receive more effective products for wound, skin, and hair care.
Marketing and Sales Plan
How will the company bring the product or service to market by identifying qualified customers and selling them the product or service?
Through various supply and distribution agreements for the mass retail market, NewAge
BIOTECH, Inc., has accelerated its entry into the consumer market. The specifics of the various agreements relating to specific targets are detailed throughout the plan.
Management and Organization
NewAge BIOTECH’s management team brings with it the ability to raise venture capital, prepare regulatory submissions for clinical trials,
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