Value Proposition From Each Of The Markets And Operation 's Perspective Essay

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Value Proposition from each of the Markets and Operation’s Perspective There are three main categories of markets that Red Rived Optical serves; primary, secondary, and a tertiary. The value proposition that the company draws from the primary market is that; it is able to offer good quality, inexpensive, and fashionable reading glasses to urban, and rurban presbyopes, living in Vietnam cities and towns. With regard to the secondary market, the value proposition that Red River Optical draws from the same market is; the firm is able to provide reading glasses to Vietnamese living in rural areas. Notably, the company uses an indirect distribution model to reach eyeglass consumers in the rural areas. Lastly, the value proposition that the company gets from its tertiary market is that; the organization is able to provide glasses to government employees, who may be suffering from presbyopia. As it is the case in the secondary market, Red River Optical uses an indirect distribution model in derivation of this value proposition. Ventures Life-Cycle and Development Stage Red River is in growth stage. The stage is characterized by expanding market share, as well as positive cash flows (Dodge, & Robbins, 2012, p.27). As it is evident from Red River’s business plan, and its financials, the company is endeavoring to colonize new markets, and its effort is bearing quite positive rewards. For example, the company breaks-even in the second year after starting its operations. This is an
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