Value Vs. Value Of Property

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VALUE VS PRICE: Value of some property and it 's price are not the same thing, yet most of the buyers (and sellers as well) focus on price instead of focusing on the real value of home.The real value of a condo/house is set by the buyer, seller and of course- the market, which is most important. It is also important to know that so called appraised value, based on avg value of property in the same area is not real value of the house. Obviously, the true value is exactly what the property sells for. You can see half a million dollar house in Ooltewah as well as in Hixson or Soddy Daisy in the market, but you can see some FHA houses under $100k in the closest neighborhood. Realtors usually market properties with "location location location" slogan, however, location is not the only important thing when buying a home in Chattanooga. The purpose of this article is to answer common buyer 's and seller 's questions as well as to give a few tips for both. BUYER 'S AND SELLER 'S RULE In a buyer 's world they have more time to find their dream home. On the contrary, if you are a seller, you must sell your house as fast as possible. As an agent, your task is to balance these two "worlds". WHY IS IT HARD FOR SELLERS- Obvious rule: It is always easier to buy than to sell. That is why sellers need more help from real estate agents. It is crucial to find knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent earlier in the process of selling. The sooner you find him, the easier the house
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