Value of Biodiversity and the Preservation of Species Essay

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Value of Biodiversity and the Preservation of Species As a result of the increasing environmental awareness of scientists and laymen, new issues have evolved around pressing ecological problems. Ecologists have discovered how important retaining biodiversity really is to humanity. While politicians often have other economic agendas, environmentalists are working hard to push this relatively new knowledge through political institutions using economic arguments. The preservation of our surroundings can create new jobs and promote economic efficiency, more so than the jobs which are currently destroying our ecosystem. For example, in a few years, workers in the fishing industry may be out of jobs due to over-consumption of certain…show more content…
Biodiversity also refers to genetic diversity where the structure from one sexually reproducing individual to the next varies in its code, having vast differences within its own species. An estimated 17,500 species are lost every year and the major destruction is caused by human activity (DiSilvestro, 1993)! Why should biodiversity be preserved? One answer is for the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of people themselves (DiSilvestro, 1993). These aspects of our lives can be enhanced by nature, and in protecting nature, we are also saving biodiversity. This perspective has brought us zoos, national parks and wildlife refuges, as well as other recreational areas such as dunes, offering us a diversity of opportunities to experience. By protecting biodiversity we are saving innate pleasures of emotions, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual gratification. In our urban society of today, we often act as spectators, rather than participants in our own lives, i.e. attending movies, ballet, theatre, concerts, or sporting events (DiSilvestro, 1993). However, we can be active participants in nature simply by being immersed in it, when there exist opportunities to do so. One argument against biodiversity is that the diminishing of species is something that has naturally occurred throughout history and will continue to do so. The criticism of this argument lies
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