Value of Diversity Paper

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Value of Diversity Paper
Cultural Diversity SOC/315 Value of Diversity in the Workplace
In companies or corporations the global landscape now reflects diversity in the employees found in the workplace. Employees come from different backgrounds, geographic or global areas, ethnic and cultural origins, and have unique skills and talents. Individuals must work together and merge skills and manage diversity effectively in the workplace. Our thoughts, actions, and very beliefs are shaped by our culture. These things are ingrained and remain unshakeable until, faced with someone who is of another faith or belief system with a different way of doing things than individuals are familiar with.
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I think the defining moment for them, is that I had kept paper records of all my assignments, and past performance appraisals and customer satisfaction surveys. The divisional manager was guilty of operating a “glass ceiling” at management level and stopped women of color from promoting to higher positions of authority. The senior management was all male, and less than 10% were female. The positions were filled without any stated qualifications or criteria. It was always done with a “tap on the shoulder” and is not legal. Companies are subject to the attributes of economic, competitive, and technological pressures that require different global strategies. In this situation, the company or rather the executive pursued policies or practices continually which denied equal and fair job opportunities to be made to all individuals, regardless of gender, sex, or culture.
In corporate life and elsewhere, there must be mutual trust and respect and that is the heart of having an effective diverse workforce. This is more relevant when the key players are from different countries and of different cultures.
Diagnosis of the problem
In my situation, the executive was guilty of failing to follow company mandated job posting procedures, ensuring that all employees had equal opportunity to review those postings. Additional infractions were: discouraging females of color from applying for managerial positions, failing or refusing to
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