Value of a Bachelors Degree

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June 1, 2013 ENG 112-0011S Is a Bachelors Degree Only Worth the Prestige? Having a bachelor degree was a way of showing how successful you have become in your life. The value of these degrees has come into question recently. The value of a bachelor’s degree has dropped significantly over the years. We will look into why the value of the degree has depreciated over the years. For starters, someone with a Bachelors degree could have expected to receive top priority when being considered for a job position. Today, a bachelors degree might get your foot in the door for an interview, but with so many competitors, landing the actual job might prove to be more difficult. Secondly, depending on your field of study, getting a bachelors degree…show more content…
Perhaps worst of all, even those who do manage to graduate too, rarely end up in careers that require a college education. Many college graduates are still unemployed because they have not been able to get a job in their field or have took another job that has nothing to do what they went to school for. (Nemko 561).The store clerk at your local grocery store could hold a Bachelor’s in Science and is waiting for his or her dream career. Forty-eight percent of employed college graduates are in jobs that require less than a four-year degree (Adams). Students that are more likely to get a job out of college are those that are in STEM (science, technology, engineering or math). These graduates have almost a fifty percent more chance of landing a job that requires them to have a four year college degree than none STEM graduates. One of the reasons graduates is having a hard time finding a job is because companies are offshoring. Moving their companies overseas has saved them a lot of money because production and labor is less expensive. Some of the business that has left some of their offices in the United States is only hiring part time workers. Having part time employment may help some during and right after college, but realistically it is financially impossible to live off of unless you have more than one part time job to pay your bills. The graduate may find themselves having to relocate to a
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