Values And Believes Decides Personnel Priorities And Our Actions Follows

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Values and believes decides personnel priorities and our actions follows those significances. Nursing profession builds upon on specific human values such as honesty, kindness as the cornerstone of the profession since the beginning (Gokenbach, 2012). In this paper, the writer discusses the personal values, beliefs, and differentiates personal beliefs with the health care policy using cost, quality aspects, analyze the religious, personal, political ideology and how it affects the perspective of health care policy and finally examines the inconsistency between the personal beliefs and the current health care policy. The nursing profession holds values such as honesty, human dignity, equality, commitment, care, competent, responsibilities to prevent the suffering of the sick and needed personnel (Gokenbach, 2012). As a professional nurse and an individual of the society, the writer of this paper believes in the values such as compassion, respecting the self-esteem, responsibility, honesty, conviction and impartiality. As individuals we all required to support and help each other and writer believes that our action and behavior make difference in patients and their loved one 's life. Respecting each other values, believes, culture, providing privacy in patient centered care indicates compassionate care as well as precise and accurate care improves patient safety, satisfaction and upholds the trusting relationship between caregiver and receiver. Fundamental social values such

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