Values And Ethics Of Social Work

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Values and ethics are important in the field of social work because they serve as guidelines for behavior and conduct. What is social work exactly? A very simple and brief response is helping those in need and providing said persons with resources they could not attain on their own. It’s always aspiring to educate one’s self on new resources, information and newly developed theories. This is more than a career; this is a decision that makes one question the direction of their moral compass.
Philosopher Mortimer Adler states, “Moral virtues are like the arts or skills, they are habits formed by repeated acts.” Simply put values are a measure of what is paramount and just. When we practice values that are congruent, we develop and put into practice the skills outlined in the foundations of social work.
Ethics are the specific standards of values that social workers must follow. They are the likeness of the values in the way they mirror principles. Charles Levy once said in a lecture that “social workers in a strategic position to affect others and their interest, what are value based aspirations affecting the conduct of people in general are, for social workers, enforceable imperatives.”
To be a social worker, one needs to have clear and concise boundaries when they practice. For example, to understand a client the social worker must level with said person and engage them on a personal level that develops trust but at the same time they must always remain professional and…
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