Values And Values Of Relationships

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All relationships should have values and beliefs but all relationships must follow at least 5 of the same beliefs and values:
• Intimacy; Yes you can be intimate with your family and friends, magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Mens health have changed what intimacy means to something more sexual.
• Trust: In any relationship romantic or family or friendship, trust is a KEY component without or lack of it a relationship will not be able to work.
• Honesty: This is more than telling the truth, it is telling the truth in a way you can understand one another.
• Respect: Respect is another key factor in any relationship, to have respect for another in the relationship (referring to friendships, romantic relationship, family relationship) means
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Sad truth about music however is that a specific music taste can be judged but it can also bring people together through their tastes in music, like “Hey that song is really cool, what else do you listen to” great conversation starter. The affect however it can have on romantic relationships is that the lyrics of a love song could influence the significant other into believing that is how a relationship should be.

• Video games: Video Games have always been frowned upon by society. Games can have pros and cons in romantic relationships. Pro: It can provide space where needed, you must always have your own hobbies that you may or may not share with your significant other. Con: Video games can be used to avoid issues you may face in the relationship. Video games can be great Media in a whole can have a very negative impact on relationships but this is not always the case. It can strengthen relationships by making you and your other go travelling and take cool photos to post or bond over a game or TV show. Just never conform to what society says which is what many teenagers do, due to the needs and wants of fitting
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