Values-Based Leadership

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Leadership Background Values-based leadership has a significant impact on the performance and the functioning of an organization. Boje,(2000) cites Burn’s (1978) theoretical work on transformational leadership basing his argument on Kohlberg’s moral development theory and Weber’s (1947) theory of leadership and authority. In his work, Boje, 2000 agrees with Burn’s that a moral value based leader, is the one who emphasizes social exchange between leader and follower in the form of the psychological and mutual needs contract driven by charisma, individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and inspirational motivation.(Homrig, 2001) The transcendent values of transformational leaders have great potential to promote performance…show more content…
Value added leadership is Nestle’s concept of bringing every employee on board irrespective of the position or the title the person holds on the organization chart. Members of the Nestle management board are more concerned with adding value to the company other exercising their powers to demonstrate who is in control of the ship. Ford Douglas,(2009) on his article of how Alan Mulally is saving the Ford motor company, argues that his style of leadership has transformed Ford Motor Company to what it is today even after joining the auto industry in 2006 from aviation industry, a totally different industry. Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford is said to have a management style that is crisp and authoritative with delegation aspects to firm’s design experts. In a congress speech in December 2008, Alan said that Ford would be able to survive the recession without bailout. This shows how determined he was to make a turnaround for Ford in challenging and turbulent economic times. He has managed to analyze different situations using accepted facts which eventually make him to gain immense support from the employees. On arrival at Ford Alan challenged his employees to build Ford Taurus after discovering that the make had been removed from the product line and was no more. The reason for its removal was that it was not making good sales. This didn’t please him and he reiterated
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