Values Debate Paper

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Values Debate
NUR 542- Dynamics of Family Systems
The controversy of whether values should be taught at home or at school has been a debate for many years. In fact, many states have already begun establishing boards to define what core values are most important and should be taught within the school system. This was and continues to be a topic of interest as many legislatures and school officials notice an exponential increase in students and young Americans that exhibit poor decision-making and lack character traits essential for success in today’s society. Cheating, substance abuse, interracial intolerance, poor sportsmanship, and malicious social behavior lead the list of concerns as lawmakers mull over a solution. In any case,
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Third, young people spend eight hours a day, five days a week at school. During this time, students interact with other students, teachers, coaches, and other school personnel. This means that the students have the opportunity to learn and then do. Hence, teachers have the chance to observe practical application of the values system and provide real-time feedback.
Teaching values at home is our society’s current practice. It has becoming a dying art, however. The struggle in relying solely on a value system that is taught in the home is that America is rich in culture and diversity. There is a melting pot of ideals that is subject to each family’s individual beliefs. This creates confusion as families themselves struggle with what is proper and what is right. In fact, some families do not have a value system at all. These families survive by any means necessary. This may include dishonesty, disrespect, and injustice. Not only is this a concern, but also the inconsistency of family values. In some homes, values are ever changing. Religion and democracy become intertwined with the values system, which creates a different family structure and dynamic. Due to the frequent changes and evolving expectations, children never grasp the concept of what is real and what is right.
While the current practice has its concerns, there are those individuals that argue that values are best taught in the home. Some fear that the value
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