Values Ethics Case 1 Essay

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Annet David Professor Koob Case 1-Massey Energy 1. What were the costs and benefits to stakeholders of the actions taken by Massey Energy and its managers? The stakeholders include everyone from Don Blankenship all the way down to the employees who were treated badly by Massey and their higher ups. Don Blankenship had a few more benefits than costs in regards to his company. He accrued $129 million over his 10 year stint as CEO of Massey Energy while also maintaining a power over others beneath him. He cost himself his reputation within his community and his employees. Massey’s employees barely had any benefits other than a relatively well paying job to support their families, otherwise the list of costs that occurred to the employees…show more content…
3. Who or what caused the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, and why do you think so? The immediate cause of the disaster is the result of a poorly maintained longwall shearer that sent a spark which could not be extinguished because of inoperative water sprayers. This spark ignited a pocket of methane gas that accumulated at the coal face over the course of a year because of poor ventilation. This resulted in an explosion that fireballed throughout the mine because of the accumulation of flammable coal dust that was not properly treated with rock dust as instructed by the MSHA. Although this was the immediate and most detrimental cause of the disaster, I believe Don Blankenship was largely responsible for the disaster. For almost twenty years, Blankenship had near-total control over Massey Coal Company, and later Massey Energy. During this time, he had decisive impact over the culture, policies, and practices of the company. He directed a management system that gave priority to productivity, which was running coal, over all other concerns, including environmental impacts, worker health and safety, and legal compliance. As a hands-on manager, he was completely and fully aware of everything that was going on in the company, all the way down to the last tank of gasoline or ton of coal. Therefore, he should bear the ultimate responsibility for the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. 4. What steps could be taken now to

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