Values In Social Work Essay

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My Helpful Values to Practice Social Work The values that are important in my life will give support in social work. My belief in God is an important value that gives inner peace and harmony. A peaceful demeanor will help my future clients to feel comfortable while working with them. Moreover, my faith shows ways to live life according to the instructions in the bible. Reading the bible shows that every person is extraordinary and irreplaceable. Therefore, it demonstrates that every person deserves the value of dignity and worth. This gives the motivation to work efficiently in providing the resources to assist them in becoming their exceptional and remarkable self. Education and learning are essential values in my life. Motivation to…show more content…
Additionally, many people lack money to purchase food and urgently need aid. Therefore, my mother and I along with Hazel did the grocery shopping. We carefully chose the food necessary to prepare chili, soup and spaghetti. Once arriving home, we did the preparing of a few stock pots of each entree. When the food is ready, we put individual portions in plastic bowls. The containers can be set in the microwave or a freezer. All three of us did the delivering of the meals to their residence the same day; therefore the individuals will not remain hungry. I want to volunteer for free to embrace the value of service. “Social workers are encouraged to volunteer some portion of their professional skills with no expectation of significant financial return (pro bono service)” (National Association of Social Workers [NASW]). When I tutor teenage students, ethical practices are necessary. Instead of tutoring them in math or English, the parent has them obtain counseling. The pupil has personal problems that they need guidance in solving. Whatsoever the student or parent discusses has to remain in strict confidence. If another person inquires information about the student that I counsel, I cannot disclose any information. Furthermore, I must allow the student that I assist to practice self-determination after I provide the different resources. After assisting to the best of my ability, I have each pupil choose for
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