Values, Laws, And Consequences Of The Community

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Within the society, members will be expected to uphold to a series of factors which will include: community goals, values, laws, and consequences; which have been made to ensure the order for its citizens and other members within the foundation of the government. These factors will be working along with the resources that will be available, as well as the location in which the group shall be stationed. Most importantly, the territory of Grimm and Her Majesty are to benefit from the achievements made, along with the community. The points will be enforced for the protection and well-being of every single individual in the community, to ensure order within the newfound society. The community goals will be based around the safety, responsibility, and sustainability of the society. In order to keep the community safe, members are obliged to keep inside of the limits of the facility unless tasked with a specific mission and/or have been put into isolation. To ensure the protection of the residents, a buddy system will be put in place. For those who are capable and willing, weapons shall be allowed in circumstances when the carrier demonstrates a legitimate reason for use. All members are to take an active part in keeping everyone inside the society protected at all times. Measures will be taken to confirm everyone’s safety from the virus, including daily health check-ups and tests. Responsibilities and roles will be assigned after a test of skills under the categories…
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