Values Of American Values

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“We the people of the United States,” value nothing of importance and take a great deal of what they have for granted. There are many things that Americans value and a few really are positive values, but definitely not all American values are important. All of these values have something in common though and that is they all are based off of how other people see each other. These values are money, possessions, physical features, religion, and how Americans idolize celebrities and view social status.

Something that almost all Americans value the most is money. Money, everyone needs it and everyone wants more of it, no matter how much they already have. Americans do tend to be greedy and want all the money they can receive because without money you can’t obtain something in this country. This is negative because it shows that Americans always want more. But there is a little bit of positive in this because it encourages people to get out and work so they can make more money. Money is something that all Americans want, and it is negative or something like that

Possessions, everyone no matter who they are or what they already have wants something else. For example, some kids want the new video game even if they already have a bonanza of them, or some kids want more shoes. The reason everyone wants these things is it makes them popular and more attractive with their friends. This value is

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