Values Of Anglo Saxon Values

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Anglo-Saxon Values that still hold true Today. What are values? Values are things which are important to one, and will determine one’s priorities. During the Anglo-Saxon era, there were values which remain the same till this day. Loyalty and courage play a big -roll in today’s values, as much as it did during the Anglo – Saxon time. One of the Anglo- Saxon values still holding true today will have to be loyalty. One might wonder, what exactly is loyalty? Loyalty is being faithful to something or someone, or in shorter words, always sticking to a person or thing no matter what the situation is. Beowulf shows his loyalty when he states he “will not shift a foot” (2524) because he cannot break his word. Wiglaf understands this loyalty to one’s reputation and how it is linked to being a warrior. (2890-1) “A warrior will sooner die than live a life of shame” Beowulf hands Wiglaf his collar of gold, his war shirt, and his helmet and tells him to use them well” showing an act of loyalty. Is the public loyal? Do the people show loyalty? If the people think about it, the public can all relate to Beowulf. Every person must have a person or a thing who they are loyal to. It doesn’t even have to be between people, one can be loyal to what they put their self into, maybe school or work. If a person gives all his loyalty to their career or job then it will all pay off. For example, in the Dream of the Rood, (123-124) “I prayed to that tree with ardent zeal, where I was alone with few
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