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Values Reflection Paper Brandy Alston University of Phoenix Managing Criminal Justice Personnel CJA/474 Professor Leroy Hendrix October 30, 2013 Values Reflection Paper Introduction Values are closely similar to what life means, life is relevant when an individual has accomplished a stimulating obligation for themselves. Values are deserving of an individual’s best accomplishment, values are merits for living or for dying. Values are accomplishments every individual strives for, goals individual tends to perceptions that motivate individual action that projects certain attitudes. Values are motivations that are completely rooted to an individual’s behavior. Values are characterized as important to an…show more content…
Values with Confidentiality Confidentiality is another one of my important value in showing how confident I am in my work, my team, my co-workers, and myself and that I can handle important information with confidentiality. Confidentiality is serious, knowing an individual can handle other people’s personnel information and concealing proper documents. Knowing that if this information leaked out and appears in the officer as a rumor; as for myself I will never deny or confirm information on other or about others to co-workers or teammates, I do not participate in office or classroom rumors. Values of Ethical Dilemma Ethical dilemma occurs often in the human service profession through the client time. The problem with obtaining resolution among ethical dilemmas revolves around human service professionals beliefs and practice on the matter. Freeman, S, J. (2000), states “human service professional’s respects the welfare and integrity of an individual at all time.” Trying to obtain the confidence from the client would be considered walking a fine line. Although the main goal is the integrity of respect for the client and avoiding any activity that open the door to an unprofessional environment. Ethical dilemmas are hard to deal with for instance, husband shares confidential information to a marriage counselor, not wanting his wife to

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