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Values and Reflection Paper Enrique Riccardi CJA/474 - MANAGING CRIMINAL JUSTICE PERSONNEL January 25, 2014 Jason Husky Abstract Reflection paper will address some topics while reflecting on core values, brief description on how some professionals in the field acquire their own values and with time may change their values. It will give a definition of what values in the workplace are, and explain what these values do for us as professionals. In this paper the reader will also be able to see the breakdown the nature and the overall importance of human and professional values in the work place. Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection paper in which you address the following concepts: * Identify your core values.…show more content…
Mainly due to having the same religious belief and they attend the same place of worship. Believing that family is the number one thing on why they do what they do in life. When two or more people believe that the best policy is honesty no matter what even if they are at work or at home. Normally these are some of the examples why people have the same core values as others. For some personal greed and self-interest will dictate how people act at work and once they are home they may act differently. Core values dictate how each and every one of us acts and carries themselves at work. Most people’s core values are completely the same while at home with family or being a professional at work. A core value lets everyone around me who you are on and off the beat. For law enforcement agencies it allows officers know what it’s expected of them. It also shows what will be tolerated at work and what will not. In today’s management human values are a must and are necessary. According to “Like most basic areas of human knowledge and experience, the concept of human values defies definitions. Yet it can be instinctively felt, cognitively grasped, discussed as a shareable experience, and thus made a valid area of enquiry. This enquiry is a major under-current of the wisdom literature of all the ancient civilizations and of the later day philosophers, scholars and great leaders of social and political movements. The

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