Values are Found in Every Culture, Society, and Nation

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VALUES Values are universal. This means they are found in every culture, every society or every nation. Values are nothing but general or specific guidelines that general populace are expected to follow. It is something considered as desirable and necessary for group living. It is values that shape cultures. Values not only determine a particular way of life but are also responsible for progress of society and achievement of a civilization in long run. Unfortunately, values don’t always refer to something positive. They can also be negative. They can still also be categorised as superior or inferior. For example, Western materialistic outlook have made people more individualistic, selfish and seeker of comforter. The endless pursuit of wealth has made us forget that there is something more to our life than just wealth. Often values, rules, laws, and norms are confusedly used together. Values differ from the rest in that they are broad, unwritten, widely diffused and breaking of which does not involve punishment but can result in disapproval. As already said, values differ from culture to culture. Thus societies tend to have different set of values. I was born in India and grew up abiding Indian values. It is completely different not just from western world but also from its other eastern counterparts. However, here I would compare Indian values vis-à-vis American values. As against materialism in America, Indian values are spiritualistic. The Indian version of
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