Values of Different Religions

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MGT3020 – Business Ethics GROUP ASSIGNMENT COMPARATIVE ETHICS [B-H-J-I] MGT3020-Section 1 Matric No. 0935401 First name: Ziat Abdel-Jallal Gender: Male Matric No. 0920015 First name: Mohamed Sheikh Ali Musse Gender: Male Matric No. 0913681 First name: Mohamed Abdi Muse Gender: Male Due date: 9-12-2011 Submission date: 8-12-2011 Output: Hardcopy Softcopy Responsibility: Group E-mail of sender: Submission: Softcopy e-mail attachment; and hardcopy Destination e-mail: Introduction An executive tends to interact with people from different religions and races. He/she is bound to encounter conflict with colleagues, subordinates, and superiors due to different values,…show more content…
It is only on Sunday that the Christians gather in churches to pray and sing to the Lord. That is the only commemoration present nowadays in Christianity. Others, like Christmas, Easter and All Saints’ Day are obviously not having any effect on the workplace. Food is definitely not a matter as well. Description My group members and I equally divided the work, in the sense that Mohamed Sheikh Ali Musse and Mohamed Abdi Muse interviewed the different persons by interacting with them through e-mails, although it was hard to get anyone from Judaism or Sikhism in Malaysia but we will make an assumption for Judaism. Abdel-Jallal Ziat compiled everything in a comprehensive report which shows how the different religions interact between each other. We appreciate the fact that all of these religions are connected to the Islamic dogma in their message of peace, harmony, and fairness. It simply shows how Islam is the root of everything and that people deviated from the True Path for whatsoever reasons. We have been spending two weeks to finalize this assignment even though we did not really meet for several reasons (other assignments, lack of time) and fortunately it was enough for us to understand each other and be in tune with the differences and reconcile them. We faced difficulties to interview Hindus
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