Values of Effective Leader Essay

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Exploration Paper

Topic: Values

Structure of assignment:

1. Introduction

2. Research

3. Results of research

4. My view on values in terms of management

5. Conclusion

6. References

1. Introduction

Paying attention to our values helps us to:

❖ become self-aware ❖ make ethical decisions ❖ prioritize our tasks ❖ develop credibility as a leader

Reasons why values are important to managers:

1) Understanding one's own core values is essential to becoming self-aware. And self-awareness helps us to understand how people perceive us; also it allows us to identify the personal qualities that we would like to change. Values influence our choices, but our choices also influence
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It considers the question of what values are significant for small and medium-size companies’ managers and owners and how they manage to bring their personal moral values into harmony with the company’s interests. It focuses on personal values as broad concepts examining their importance in the context of the entrepreneurs’ or managers’ personal lives on one hand, and in process of making a decision and actions inside the company on the other hand.

2. Research

Method and context of research

Small and medium-size companies were determined by the number of employees; companies were selected from the following business area:

❖ Industry ❖ trade ❖ service sector ❖ public and state authorities ❖ non-profit organizations ❖ counselor ❖ education

The statistics was collected by personal interviews using a standard approved questionnaire. The interviews were hold only with personnel responsible for decision-making: with the company’s owner, director or manager. The questionnaire covered a variety of areas of business ethics such as:

❖ perception and evaluation of the business ethics ❖ ethical values ❖ ethical/unethical behaviours ❖ attitudes towards unethical behavior ❖ perception of unethical
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