Vampire Academy Essay

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“Vampire Academy” by Richelle Mead is the first book in this paranormal romance series. The setting of the books take place in St. Vladimir’s academy. The main characters in the first book are Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir. Three different species of vampires are introduced in the first book which are dhampirs, moroi, and strigoi. Dhampirs like Rose are human-vampires hybrids that live to protect the more fragile moroi. Moroi, like Lissa, are full living vampires that feed on human blood and branch out into royal families. Strigoi are the evil dead that are created from killing a human and will do anything to kill. Rose and Lissa are the perfect best friends, so much that they have a bond in which Rose is able to see through Lissa’s mind. Moroi posses abilities to control certain elements such earth, water, air, and fire. However, Lisa has a rare ability named Spirit in which she able to restore life and heal.…show more content…
I really enjoyed how the author uses Romanian mythology to create this complex world in the series. The book moved at a fast pace and kept me interested until the very end. The only part of the book that I wished the author made would be to add more action because a lot people who read this book think it’s just about vampires in high school, but the second book features so much action. Overall I would recommend reading this book because it is the first book that introduces the characters and story plot in the six book series. I will read the next six books in the series because I really enjoy the storyline. I hope the action will pick up in the next books and I am excited to learn more about characters throughout the series. I think the book will be easy to relate to teenagers around the age of the main characters who are facing danger at every turn, but still are
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