Vampires And Pop Culture

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We have been living in the era of vampires and any other kinds of monsters for a while now. Vampires have always been relatable creatures, which allows fans to connect with vampire characters. They represent the attraction towards being a vampire and having eternal life and are presented to popular culture in a way that is attractive and relatable to the evolution of vampires (Del Toro and Hogan 37). Over the past years, vampires have jumped in popularity and pop culture appeal, taking over our television sets, the movie theaters and box offices and books from around the world. Around 2010, Hollywood released four vampire films along with a bunch of vampire DVD’s, and the immensely popular television series like the vampire diaries and true blood continued to air due to how popular those shows are. One monster I’d like to put as an example would be vampires “Blood Thirsty: Why are Vampires Ruling Pop Culture?" by Lindsay Bradshaw. They are the latest trends to appear on pop-culture`s radar, but this is not the first time its caught the publics eye. Vampires have been a constant presence in the literature and film world since the 1897`s publication of Bram Stoker`s “Dracula”, arguably the best vampire text of all time. The idea that vampires exist across the globe has been a subject of folk tale, superstition, and myth throughout the history of man. Even before the famous Dracula, the word vampires was originated in eastern European Folklore, terrorizing small communities in
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