Vampires And Vampires : The Dangers Of Vampires

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Fear is something we all crave, well at least the excitement factor of the fear. Take haunted houses for instance, they bring in millions of dollars a year. People clamber to get to the scariest most terrifying haunted houses each Halloween. But why? Why would someone want to be intentionally scared? Or take an amusement park. Each summer people stand in long lines, in the heat of the summer all to ride a less than 30-second roller coaster that whips them around like a rag doll. It is because humans are naturally thrill seekers in some shape or form. We love the adrenaline high we get from chasing the next big wave. Modern vampires (as I mentioned before) are considered “heartthrobs” in todays society. Think of films like the TWILIGHT saga where vampires can walk during the day, have sex and even have children. They are the teenage heartthrob mixed with the proverbial “badboy”. Vampires are the perfect mix of gentleman and monster. They hold this mysteriousness that is very alluring, it draws people in. People love a mystery, especially and dark, sexy mystery. It turns people on. It is the red apple in the story of Adam and Eve. It’s temptation, our biggest weakness as humans.
Another thing that makes the vampire, so alluring is their ability to control a person. They are the masters of manipulation because, in order to successfully seduce their victims, they must be invited. They must also seduce their victim. This control they hold over their victim is what some
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