Vampires : The Mystery Of Vampires

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Vampires There have been stories in the magazines, newspapers and on television about people who claim to be vampires and are practicing the vampire culture. So the question here is, are these people who claim to be vampires truly vampires; and if so, are they a threat to the society? The purpose of this essay is to investigate and find out more about vampires, their origin, the different types, their beliefs and practices, and if they pose a safety threat. There are abundance of movies, books and stories about the existence of vampires, and still many people still think that they are a myth and that vampires never existed. To start, where do vampires come from? People have been educated through the media and books, that vampires are creatures created when a human being is bitten by another vampire and feeds on his or her blood. The movies, specify that one will not fully turn into a vampire unless he or she drinks blood. Many movies, even show them as bad for the society. Movies such as Blade, Dracula and Vampire Diary all show how human beings turn into vampires. According to Browning, “Vampires self-described nature begins to manifest around or after puberty” (4). A person who is a vampire does not discover it until he or she reaches adolescence age. Vampires have been known throughout existence and people actually believe that they do exist. Zboril mentioned in her article that, “The term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century after an influx of

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