Vampires are Mythical Beings in Many Books

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Vampires are known as mythical beings with white pale glittery skin that drain the essence of life known as blood. As unbelievable as it sounds they actually did exist centuries ago. They weren’t anything like the vampires we see in movies, shows, books, and video games today. A vampire or something analogous to it can be found in most culture and folklores going back to the beginning of time, but it is a mistake to think they have familiar attributes of Count Dracula. The term “vampire” appeared in literature since the 18th century. Vampires might be viewed as either blood-sucking creatures or sexy ones, but they represent much more than that. Vampires represent fear and contempt of people with different beliefs. There exists no clear history of how vampires came to be. However, one of the earliest mentions of vampires is the tale of Lilith, a prominent figure in some Jewish texts. According to most accounts, Lilith was the original woman created by God for Adam. Lilith knew that she came from the same place as Adam and so was not subservient to him. She left the Garden of Eden and began having her own children. God sent his angels in an attempt to bring her back to Eden, but she refused. When Lilith went to the Red Sea she made a deal with the angels who had been sent to fetch her back for Adam. She was allowed to stay on her own, but as a monster. The angels, nevertheless began killing Lilith’s kids. In turn, she killed human children, seeking revenge (The Science of
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