Van Gogh Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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This painting is so amazing due to how Van Gogh blended the colors together. The red and yellow used in the painting look like he was trying to tell a deep story. Theres a composition of fiery colors that draw viewers in almost immediately. When looking at this picture I notice the horizon in the back, higher than the rest of the painting. Next I notice the painters, making my glance start from the top to bottom. Van Gogh did a wonderful job placing the people at a natural point of interest. What I mean by this is that he paints them right in the center where it seems like its most important. This painting is divided when it comes to the colors Van Gogh uses. In the top right there is yellow with a little bit of blue in the top left. In the…show more content…
Eadweard Muybridge. His interest first started in 1872 when approached by a Californian racehorse owner named Leland Stanford. Stanford was stuck on whether or not a galloping horse’s hooves left the ground at the same time. Eadweard than proved Stanford's theory to be correct by using wet plates.
Berndnaut Smilde. Smilde wanted to make an image that disappointed people. Going further he wanted it to seem like there was nothing to see in that image, there was only a cloud. He also liked the fact that he could bring things outdoor, indoor. He chose clouds because of how universal they are, how people give meaning to it, and how clouds could stand for more than one thing.
Vik Muniz. Muniz wanted to demonstrate how people can be deceived by images around the world. He wanted to show the difference between an object and an image of an object.
Alaa Awad. He wanted to celebrate mankind and also bring Egyptian heritage back. By doing this it would be a sense of pride for Egyptians and have people think peaceful things. He wanted to point people to the past in order to learn from it so that they will be better at making a peaceful and brighter future for themselves as well as other
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He was emotional, lacked self-confidence and often struggled when it came to his direction and identity. At first he believed he was suppose to be a preacher and took years until he discover he wanted to be an artist. Between 1860-1880 Van Gogh experienced two unhappy and unsuitable romances and worked unsuccessfully at various places. He studied art in Belgium. In 1886 he went to Paris and met Pissarro, Monet, and Gauguin. After this, Van Gogh tried to imitate their techniques. Because he was unable to imitate their style, he developed his own. The second person is Eadweard Muybridge. He developed a love for photography after his move to California in 1855. He was famous for studying motion in photography, being able to freeze time. Not fully starting his career, he experience life changing events. Throughout his journey, he discovered he could really make a name for himself this
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