Van Gogh Mental Illness

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Vincent Van Gogh To many mental illness is a silent battle of the mind, but for Van Gogh it brought on extreme ailments of not only the mind but also the body. The life of Vincent Van Gogh was one heavily affected by mental illness; it affected every aspect of his life, including his art, and it eventually lead to his death. This, however, did not deter him from creating some of the most beautiful and emotional art of is time. One can only hope to learn from the great life of Van Gogh and his brave battle with the adversaries both within his mind and without, and to accomplish the things that mean the most to us despite the trials we may face. Born on March 30th, 1853, Vincent Willem Van Gogh began his life within a shadow. Born on the 1 year anniversary of the stillborn death of his brother, also named Vincent, made, what should have been a complete joy to the Van Gogh’s, a day mixed evenly with happiness and sorrow. (Naifeh and Smith 30) This…show more content…
The most universally accepted of these theories is by far the saddest. Vincent was reportedly found in his room one day after having supposedly shot himself in the chest. (“Vincent Van Gogh”) His dear brother Theo was sent for immediately and Vincent died two days later on July 29th, 1890, at the young age of 37. (“Vincent Van Gogh”) Theories of his death being accidental are heavily supported by Garrow 3 researchers as well, but as there is not any hard evidence it is interpreted only as speculation. (Naifeh and Smith 765) Although Van Gogh was faced with illness, both physical and mental, he fought to continue on with the work he loved. This is a quality many hope to possess, yet few achieve. It can clearly be seen that, although every aspect of his life was affected, he still fought on bravely until his death. This bravery and his talent are just some of the reasons he is considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt. (“Vincent Van
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