Van Gogh 's Life And Effect Today

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Speech: Van Gogh 's Life and Effect today.
Specific Purpose Statement: By the end of my speech the audience will be able to list 3 parts of Van Gogh 's life and his achievements that affected the future.
Attention Getter: Imagine being one of the most well recognized names of the modern world, your name attracts millions, dozens of films and book are created after you. But at the same time imagine your life being filled with depression and rejection for the craft that you are beloved for.
Thesis Statement: Although Vincent Van Gogh’s work is recognized around the world, his life was full of depression and rejection from people and the art world, but still he impacted the style of art forever.
Credibility Statement: I have
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He also threw many tantrums and was ill-tempered constantly.
Also from this article, it had quotations of what different members of his family had to say about Vincent. His sister Elizabeth claims that Vincent would walk around clumsily consistently in daze with his head held low. C. Van Gogh did not immediately get involved with the art world, but rather he was constantly having to adapt to what his parents expected from him, leading his into distress.
1. According to the Article “Vincent Van Gogh” by Chris Stolwijk, accessed by the Gale Biography in Context Database, Van Gogh worked very faintly in a french art print dealer business that was introduced to him by his uncle, also named Vincent Van Gogh, who was a partner. There he learned to respect the visual arts.
2. Also from the same text, Vincent lost interest in this business and later went on to study theology and follows his father 's expectations. Sadly, he also failed at this endeavour as well. Not until many occupations later did his infamous brother Theo Van Gogh suggest that he would become what he is most known for, an artist.
These rejections foreshadowed the future mindset of Van Gogh, constantly rejected and “failing”, leading to his breakdown.
Internal Summary/Preview: Now that we have learned Van Gogh 's bring, early life, and multiple endeavours, we can go to his main attribute in his life, his paintings. We will see the repercussions and

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