Vancouver Island Eco Initiatives : Request For Proposal Viei 11-02

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The proposal, “Vancouver Island Eco Initiatives – Request for Proposal VIEI-11-02”, is a written by the student, Sarah Smith, with the intent of implementing a platform to sell second hand goods. The goal of students selling their second hand goods is to raise environmental awareness be recycling of goods and generate economic support for the students attending Camosun College. Given the objectives of the proposal, some modifications should be made in order to improve the clarity of the intent. Such modifications are: Further and clarification of the explanation of the proposed idea Identification of any potential drawbacks and consequent predicted solutions Further exploration of more aspects of implementing the idea Under the assumption that these recommendations are taken and corrected, it is expected that the proposal will then be ready for appropriate consideration. Adjustments to the way in which the proposed idea is explained will improve the overall clarity and goals of the proposal. Further explanation is required for the basic operations of the proposal. When the student suggests that the students receive the funds raised by the second hand sales in the form of bursaries, it leaves the reader wondering if the intent is to have an individual bursary awarded to each student who participate or is there 16 general bursary for all the funds of the sales. In the first case, who will be responsible for the allocation and distribution of the individual bursaries? In

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