Vandalism in the Philippines: Causes and Consequences

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Vandalism is the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property and the one who carries out action of vandalism are called vandals.1 It includes behavior such as breaking windows, slashing tires and destroying a computer system through the use of a computer virus. It involves criminal damages to people’s property without the permission of the owner. It can be also in the form of graffiti in a non-authorized or government infrastructures and properties. Vandalism is a crime. It is one of the most common offended crimes in the Philippines. According to the 14th congress of the Philippines Senate Bill No. 3042 or Anti-Vandalism Act of 2009: Any person who shall commit any of the aforementioned acts of…show more content…
Some are just motivated to commit vandalism because of boredom. Times Time can be a significant factor that contributes to vandalism because it tells the possible occurrence of the crime. Vandalism often occurs at night where school grounds are empty and few security guards roam the halls and corridors. High proportion of vandalism occurrence is when schools are unoccupied, before and after school hours, in weekends or during vacation. Targets Vandals often choose properties that are easily accessible and sometimes of great value. Schools are prime target for vandalism for a number of reasons: They have high concentrations of potential offenders in high-risk age groups. They are easily accessible They are symbols of social order and middle-class values Some youth believe that public property belongs to no one, rather than to everyone Other public establishments can also be a potential target to vandals because of their failure to provide their own maintenance of security and supervisions of properties. To further discuss the case of vandalism, I conducted an online survey with 20 respondents in Domingo Lacson National High School in Bacolod City and accumulated the following results: Figure 1 The figure shows the number of students that answered YES and NO when asked if they committed vandalism. Among them, 14 students answered YES which gathered 70% of the whole sample. It shows that there are really many students that are engaged in the activity. Figure 2

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