Vanderbilt Home Visit Script

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Can you work with that the family has in their home? What could they use around the house to make their goals more attainable. Some interventionists will not be able to do this without the toy bag, or at least not right away.
To help make the transition from activities emerging from the toy bag to a support- and routines-based visit, the Vanderbilt Home Visit Script has been developed. The overview of the script is a follows:
(1) How have things been going?
(2) Do you have anything new you want to ask me about?
(3) How have things been going with each IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) outcome, in priority order?
(4) Is there a time of day that’s not going well for you?
(5) How is [family member] doing?
(6) Have you had any appointments
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In turn it allows specialists to learn from the teachers how to best work with the children.
There are key ingredients for successful integrated services in classroom programs that will help with the implementation of an integrated approach:
(1) As a specialist you need to communicate with the teacher about expectations. You should each discuss what should happen and what each of your roles are while you are in the classroom.
(2) The specialist should establish ground rules to maximize the effectiveness of the visit and minimize inadvertent sabotaging. They could be as simple as one teacher watching what the interventionist is doing or that routines will be adjusted as needed to accommodate the specialist. But, the specialist should never interrupt routines.
(3) A specialist should always be humble. This humility includes respecting the fact that teachers spend hours with the children including the “client” child, and it is their
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The take away from this model is that we need to listen to the families as much as we talk to them. Developing an Ecomap can result in understanding a family and how they work. Conducting and RBI is an efficient way to establish where the family is at and how much intervention and assessment they are ready for. It provides service support and effective home visit support with the PSP model, allowing for families to feel supported and secure with their control of the situations. Integrated services make sur the family and child receive the best outcomes while in group settings. This ensures that teachers are also a part of the plan and on board with embedding routines and interventions.
If these five models are applied and carried out effectively we can expect families to become confident and competent and able to make the most of the learning opportunities presented to them. As well as the opportunities given in integrated care will improve those settings as well. The results we can expect are higher quality of life for the family, increased satisfaction with routines, more engagement, independence, and social relationships with their
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