Vanderbilt University: A Case Study

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I recommend that Vanderbilt Athletics completes an analysis of how its mission and programing contributes to Vanderbilt University’s strategic plan. Vanderbilt University announced in 2014, that its Strategic Plan will shape the overall direction of the University for the foreseeable future and that all major capital intensive projects must somehow relate back to the strategic plan. However, in the two years since the strategic plan was announced, Vanderbilt Athletics’ Department has not yet addressed how strategic plan will impact it or what the department is doing to align itself with the strategic plan.
The lack of attention paid to the strategic plan could make it difficult for Vanderbilt Athletics to procure funding for long term projects such as the creation of a new football stadium. Additionally, as Vanderbilt continues to develop and evolve its strategic plan, Vanderbilt Athletics should focus on aligning itself with the new strategic plan, so that it demonstrates the value that the department
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However, one of the challenges that the organization may face is that the overall mission of the organization may have to evolve to align with the strategic plan. By conducting a through analysis of the existing strategic plan documents on the university’s website, I will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic plan and utilize my knowledge of Vanderbilt Athletics to identify ways that we are already aligned and ways that we can align with the plan further. I will compile these recommendations into a report and a one pager that can be easily distributed and reviewed by the staff of Vanderbilt Athletics. These recommendations will better prepare Vanderbilt Athletics to receive funding and other resources that are benchmarked for projects that contribute to the Strategic
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